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We're now sharpening shears for hair salons,
barber shops and pet groomers!

Precision Sharpening has spent the last two years sharpening literally hundreds of knives, scissors and garden tools at area farmers markets, restaurants and at local pop-ups. We've also appeared at several well-established quilt shows around the Puget Sound, to great success. In the process, we've become proficient in sharpening a wide variety of tools, including exotic knives and a wide range of scissors and shears.

As of January 2024, we've expanded our sharpening services to include convex and semi-convex shears for beauty salons, barbers and pet groomers. These shears are technically demanding and so are even more satisfying to put back into service. After all, why spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on new shears when we can return your favorite shears to virtually new condition?

What's the difference between
sharpening scissors and shears?

Barber Scissors_edited_edited.png

There are differences in the degree of difficulty involved with sharpening utility and fabric cutting scissors versus salon and pet-grooming shears:

• Scissors or shears for utility use or cutting fabric have two distinct straight beveled edges. We sharpen these based on specific use or personal preference. $12 pair.

• Salon, barber and pet-grooming shears usually have either convex or semi-convex blades with four distinct surfaces to treat. Because sharpening these types of shears involves a higher degree of difficulty and more labor (see below), each pair is $35.

Convex and semi-convex ten-step procedure:

1. Inspection, initial testing and client consultation

2. Disassembly, inspection of screw, washers and tension spring

3. Cleaning in ultrasonic cleaner

4. Restore ride line on 2000 and 6000 water stones

5. Use state-of-the-art Hira-To® Scissor Sharpening System to sharpen cutting edge based on user specifications and type of use. The default angle is 45°.

6. Polish and de-burr

7. Reassemble

8. Set tension

9. Test on dry and wet media and hair samples

10. Repeat earlier steps as needed

Note: we charge flat rates. This means we don't charge extra for chips or nicks in the blade, excessive wear and similar, often time-intensive repairs. Based on the specifics of your tools and your personal preferences, we will advise on the best course of action. 

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